Cross under bridle



I first started producing the cross under bridle (formerly the Aztech) over 15 years ago and quickly developed it to what it now is, a cross under bridle with a built in pressure release aid.

Featuring a well padded nose,  fully adjustable throat and a pressure release system, it is available in three different materials: soft weave polypropelene web, genuine biothane sealed web and first grade hand stitched English leather all with a choice of solid brass or stainless steel fittings.

Standard sizes from small pony to draft, or made to measure, at no extra cost.

Prices range from £49.95 to £ 59.95 in synthetic

£99 to £119 in leather

Find us in the following places:

Gill Green & Geoff Horton

01267 282816 ~ 07817 948433