The Original Matrix



With three years of design, trial, adjustment and re-trial behind the Original Matrix, we are pleased to include the Matrix in our bitless range. With a multitude of settings, it can work as a bosul, all the way through to something with a similar effect to an English Hackamore, including a cross under (Matrix Pro only)

Designed by ourselves and with the wonderful help of Su Duckworth at Bitless and Barefoot, who spent many hours trialling the bridle and all it’s settings for us, the Matrix offers a flexible approach to bitless riding. Due to it’s many settings, one bridle could be used on a multitude of horses, or, if unsure what style of bitless will suit, the Matrix offers the perfect solution rather than buying bridle after bridle.

Available in softweave polypropelene web, genuine biothane sealed web or hand stitched first grade English leather and sizes from small pony to draft, or made to measure at no extra cost.

Prices range from:

£74.95 for a synthetic Matrix standard

£94.95 for a synthetic Matrix pro

English leather at £149 and £189 respectively

Find us in the following places:

Gill Green & Geoff Horton

01267 282816 ~ 07817 948433